Pre History

ca2 starts with veriwell era,
in others words,
a transitional phase of predominance of love
over power.

Power and Love are shadows of each other.
If you are subjugated or you subjugate something, you do not love.
If you love, there is wellfare, and Power, if present,
works as mere matterial exchange force
for the Love dynamic transformation and creativity.

If you love, Love is light and Power, as shadows exists,
are consequences of the presence of light, and not its CEO.

The ancient governance of Power, are generally originated in
mind traps, works thorugh conventional forces, matterials and
networks, and results in goods for minorities and bads for majorities.

The 100% Love is good for everyone and everything,
in every single force, act, matterial and network.

>> definition and subjectivity