• The first imutable goal is: subjected to the project subjectivity - the love
    and also, the wellfare - apply this
    subjectivity to all others terms of the goals;
Project goals are:
  • be a pervarsive software platform that offers optimal and excellent : quality, power, performance and savings in creating IT solutions written in C++ language to directly generate native code with the possibility to merge optmized native code written in CPU specific assembler language.

ca2 does not aim to be a/an:

  • operating system;
  • hardware designer;
  • language maker;
  • and infinite of other things.

While playing its role ca2 shall influence deeply the other parts that are not project specific goals in cartesian way, in other words, zero influence. As speed increases, due relativism and fastness, the high speed dimensions present in diverse IT role players generates a third vector naturaly, and we should consider this dimension back in design calculations. This is the indirect influence while playing a role strongly, a feedback.

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